In the areas where crypto is needed

You have zero knowledge of what you're talking about.

That's just common sense. The people that don't have cell phones, that don't have access to computers, are the ones that need crypto the most. In any part of the world. You can have 0 knowledge and figure that out.

You're embarrassing yourself

I work in crypto and Africans share pictures of the project daily so I'm not embarrassed by anything. It's embarrassing that you don't comprehend the point.

I work in crypto and Africans share pictures of the project daily so I'm not embarrassed by anything. It's embarrassing that you don't comprehend the point.

Congratulations on working on crypto. I build and deploy Android networks in Africa, and you'd like to tell me that they don't have access?

I live in America and OMG won't help the poor here. You took my cell phone example and ran with it. (The people who need crypto the most are not in it)

That, coupled with fluctuations in valuation for crypto are the current largest barriers

Next logical step is crypto, understanding that the millions of people I work with... For them, $0.1 literally makes a difference

This is why crypto will see the first true usage surge in Africa, imo

I can already send all my crypto around to friend and family and they can cash out after KYC with exchange and link bank

U should not be in crypto if u fail to get it

Crypto is a scam

still the most holder of every single crypto

OMG not communicating made the whole of crypto lose 90% 😉

Messages posted by Vitalik on OMG:“The help I provided to OMG includes:• ⁠Participating in the original Plasma whitepaper• ⁠Plasma MVP• ⁠Plasma Cash• ⁠Plasma Prime• ⁠Assistance to Plasma implementation teams• ⁠Various discussions around development and release strategy, DEX design, etc, that doesn't really fit into a specific categorySo both public-good tech like Plasma that OmiseGo depends on, and also advice regarding designing the exchange."I just wrote the white paper and then did nothing but let them use my name indiscriminately" is definitely not the case.”“I just met with Jun and co in Bangkok a few weeks ago.”“Was 1MM transactions a knowing lie?I personally have only ever claimed 1MM tps is possible if you combine L2 and sharding; I don't think I ever claimed anything like that for L2 by itself; I tend to give numbers around 1-100k for that.As it looks to me the grand vision of Plasma is a 100 tps system used essentially by a dPoS group of 200 nodesNo idea where that's coming from. The current Plasma Prime testnet that's under construction and close to finished is targeting 1-10k tps. Which is realistically more than enough for a DEX for the near future.Regardless of the progress on plasma, it feels divorced from OMGI can see why you feel that way; I would say that at this point the public-good plasma stuff is at this point the largest challenge in making OMG possible. Likely in a few months when the Plasma testnets have been working and established would be the time when very OMG-specific stuff like DEX design becomes much more prominent.”“Hai”“For transactions that small, you can get a good instant finality guarantee, because the Plasma designs that are being worked on include a cryptoeconomic commitment feature where the Plasma validator(s) immediately commit to including that transaction in the next block with a bond that can be slashed if they end up not doing that.”

Takeaways:1) **OMG’s Significance** Vitalik is still significantly involved with OMG - it is significant for Ethereum’s future and therefore whole of crypto space2)**Development Quality** Vitalik has personally been involved in design work for OMG’s future products, including DEX3) **Transaction Per Second** For Plasma Prime testnet aiming for up to 10k TPS. L2 plus sharding 1m TPS possible. L2 alone up to 100k TPS. Very healthy.

Monthly update on @omise_go $omg 18th December — 15th January2018 in review, Plasma and eWallet updates, Chart comparing different plasma designs.#OmiseGo #OMG #Blockchain #Crypto

Not everybody is gonna invest months of salary into crypto .

Or even 13k and 500mill ppl get into cryptos. Holyshit, even 13k and 1 million ppl own OMG. Shit we will be rich !! 😂🤣😂🤣😃

Do u see OMG can pump 300% in one day..ever in fu8?

Anything can happen in Crypto. But that would take some Really Great Tremendously Good News. 😂🤣

That's what crypto has been, just a meme. Make 3x in one day loose 3x in one day

**10 Reasons to still be OMG Positive**1) EWallet 1.1 very close. 82/832) External testnet, close too. 31/42. Mainnet to follow straight after.3) Vitalik Buterin, official advisor of OMG, has stated ”plasma... is closer than many people think”. on MVP stage complete, moving into implementation.4) Omise is a significant business, as of two years ago, known clients had $30bn annual revenue: OMG have significant crypto and corporate partnerships. Already have Thai in with governments... banks etc.6) Partnerships continue to grow, many hidden behind NDAs for now... More parties will subsequently use OMG plasma (see BUIDL), increasing staking rewards.7) Coinbase listing looks likely soon - also to incorporate ability to use Coinbase based staking pools. Further, OMG to launch own dex, potentially supported by exchange acquisition(s).8) OMG total circulation of 140m is already in circulation. There is no more dilution (unlike other tokens) which will protect token price.9) OMG/ETH ratio is so attractive right now! OMG market cap only 1.5% of ETH’s. So under the radar for now for potential top 5 token.10) Plasma is coming. World exchange is coming.

Abylay Amanbayev
Guys, whats happening with this shitcoin. Will they ever deliver smth

Do you know how complex and lofty their aims and goals are? What they’re developing will literally impact the whole crypto space, which has the potential to change the world as we know it. Stop making yourself look like an idiot.

crypto bear market

i dont see it going to .3 once the testnet proof of authority and mainnet

Agree 100% . If ppl don't see that OMG will NOT go to .3 then they should get out of crypto.

I guess omg, raiden and kyber will get a boost after Eth hardfork upgrade. Be patient horny crypto traders

https cryptocrunchapp com/news/6-wealthiest-ethereum-wallets-may-have-faked-decentralization

why u get debt fir buying crypto

Its the first rule on every crypto site

CryptoCompare shows 30-40, where do you see this

but becuase people will stake , they will be come more rare , price should increase , u can get staking rewaeds back in OMG or any crypto fiat is the goal

Linda Walker:Hello, i am Linda walker, I’m a cryptocurrency investor, I BUY and SELL BTC, Eutherum, if u have any for sale or want to buy, please text back, Thanks

Yeah. It’s crypto. It only dumps.

U can look around the landscape of crypto and see 80 and 90% loses all around , with test-nets or main-nets .

There's a crypto market?

OmiseGO OfficialScaling Ethereum with the PoS OMG blockchain: the 100% public decentralized exchange. & building an open-source fiat/crypto wallet SDK to access it.

And i willing to down with crypto

And yes i’m leave in bangkok and only people in crypto know about omise company

OmiseGO is performing excellently today. Let's see how it goes. Good day HODLers

I was a long time holder and supporter. Jumped ship in the summer after it became clear they needed *more time*. I still think if they pull it all off it will be a top cyrpto. The if’s of crypto speculation.

NEO Nguyen
Am going to let you know, you may be wrong. June is when Mount GOX settlement is due and ppl will be given their BTC back to them. That may be when the last dip to 2500 ish ppl been talking about.

I don’t think the settlement will be as large as some expect... way under amount that was taken. Also the compensation may only have a short term negative impact on BTC, as I see a lot of the funds being invested into ALTs. Most early crypto investors will have other ALT favourites by now

Still waiting for $.85. The crypto winter is long

Yeah bear market on crypto , look around .

This is a group with very savvy crypto people. Just joined and I’m impressed

Dave Wise
Yes Cosmos is not traceable so no current value available to investors. Although they are competition to OMG, I am sure OMG has lots more partnerships to be announced...

Cosmos raised $17m during their token sale in 2017. The majority of crypto companies failed to liquidate most of their raise. Whereas Omisego has $20m in VC funding. That’s real. And existing partnerships and a high transaction volume currently. Would be hard to displace as they have a first mover advantage.