Binance - BTC Market#OMG - Unusual buying activity15.47 BTC in 3 minutes (11%)B: 0.00035200 ❇ (0.86%)A: 0.00035300 ❇ (0.86%)24H Vol: 154.85 BTCLast signal: 3 days ago (4/7D)

with volume now on binance to 507 BTC in OMG looks they sold waht they moved

Yeah weird it all depends on BTC now which way its gonna move

i doubt we can go lower , beung so close to release . Depends on BTC

ill tell u , i had btc for many years ,seen it dump many times .

Linda Walker:Hello, i am Linda walker, I’m a cryptocurrency investor, I BUY and SELL BTC, Eutherum, if u have any for sale or want to buy, please text back, Thanks

BTC and ETH dumping

I think 2600 has been called a long time ago for BTC

I watched BTC go up and down for 10 years . U get used to it

Depends who u ask alpha

Yeah but i just share what i see on my screen, which is not really relevant in this serious bear market. Everything will follow our $BTC boss whatsoever

@empirehood (QIWI-BTC)
if he had not promised and did not write much, I would not have become a victim, it would have been forced upon. and now where is he now? Why is he silent and does not write like a year ago? because he got our money and relaxed and laughs when asked about the future of the project

I totally understand you bad dude. But don't blame it on others. You bad the mistake cause you trust someone you don't know and invest in a volatile market. It's okay to be mad. First think about this: Jun stays behind a big company they expand fast in South East Asia. So imagine he really scammed people, what do you think will happen to the Omise?Do you really believe this?Don't let your emotions get you blind.The whole market crashed even BTC down ~80% +.Imagine you invested all in this coin would you be mad the same? Sure but you wouldn't post it cause you would knew it's your fucking fault. Same is here. Rock year means nothing. He was positive like everyone in this overhyped market and reality get us all back to earth.Learn about it and stand up.It sucks for me either and 99% out there. You not alone man.But definitely don't make again debt for stuff like this and if be ready

I’m not sure. Depends on btc va eth

Also if BTC goes up to 4K or 4.5K before dipping lower can drag us at 2$ and i will have to wait another 2-3 months for this price. I also left some spair fiat if we go lower so I can buy more

I have been tracing the dashboard of OMG/BTC at binance and I am pretty sure that some whales are buying at these levels. There is also positive divergence at STOCH RSI . Also bullish divergence at weekly . Put a sell order to 1200 sats . One day it will be pumped ...

watched your analysis and we both think same. I think OMG is ridicolusly oversold we will see a bounce until sunday imho.

Currently I'm at 8000 0mg for selling my btc when I hit 10000 will give up all news and ta and just wait 😉

Check binance omg/btc you can see that some whales are increasing their omg amount. I think we will see a crazy bounce in 24 hours

'BTC can go to zero' , i bet u it cant , due alone to the lost accounts .

Lol btc is not going to zero. If you think so you need some milk

I think March we will see some good movement upwards. Just a hunch that I have. I could be wrong.

Am going to let you know, you may be wrong. June is when Mount GOX settlement is due and ppl will be given their BTC back to them. That may be when the last dip to 2500 ish ppl been talking about.

NEO Nguyen
Am going to let you know, you may be wrong. June is when Mount GOX settlement is due and ppl will be given their BTC back to them. That may be when the last dip to 2500 ish ppl been talking about.

I don’t think the settlement will be as large as some expect... way under amount that was taken. Also the compensation may only have a short term negative impact on BTC, as I see a lot of the funds being invested into ALTs. Most early crypto investors will have other ALT favourites by now

we need more volume

BTT took al the volume its even more than BTC's volume. Unbeliavable