Will OMG be completely opensource or licensed opensource?

Also is the Cosmo OMG airdrop no longer happening?

No, airdrop cancelled, sounds like relationships soured with Cosmos. Guess they are competing. Cosmos doing well with Binance Dex but I’m sure OMG will catch up and then some

Who cancelled airdrop?

Omg breaking out


When is xrp bull run?

Any one have any clue about bull run...

When you hit the buy button

falling 1000000% ok soon, up +10 moon

I got #Omisegooked last year anyone else?

Volume increasing 😎

We flying now 😍

😁 some news coming re Binance with Cosmos?

OMG refused to go below $1

What do you think about Cardano? (Ada)

What do you think about Cardano? (Ada)

Very good investment, but still long way to go like omg

Every project is in the same boat. Bnb makes me feel very uncomfortable after listening to cz speak on the podcast unchained. Omg feels like a safer investment

Please could you change your username...

every other coin can die for all I care

Is there a good OMG reddit?

don’t ask questions just buy more omg

they are so close to world wide domination

Just bought 74k OMG