Like I would say a lot. I'm sorry everyone. bye

Putting money into new technology hoping for fast gains isnt how it works

Not with a staking token

Theu goal of the network is to stake , save or accumulate and wait like the rest of us

For sure hopefully within 3 to 5 years we get lots of adoption with mega volume

Sure nothing will come straight away

if u want to stake and make money from that its years away

Test net maybe soon , maybe main net this year , but the volume needs time to grow

What would u prefer to collect , 20$ staking coins or 1$ coins

rewards are the same no matter
8/55😁 progress progress

What's the official OmiseGo channel?

What happened to DEX

What happened? Already $1Are you ready for rock year 2.0 guys?

Yeah bear market on crypto , look around .

DEx , built on what , do u follow the progress? - u cant build the Dex without a network to run it on , step by step .

Omise go have mainnet?

They don't even have testnet

What is the 8/55 for??

Only 200 users. Wow

I know...but all the official stuff is posted here also

Only 200 users. Wow

I thought it wasn’t a genuine telegram account for OmG

What is the 8/55 for??
8/55 is for eWallet 1.2😁 progress progress

Binance is building their Dex on Cosmos SDK

External plasma testnet is 36/40 getting close

Binance is building their Dex on Cosmos SDK

Where is the evidence for that? I thought Binance were using their own development

On Binance chain, correct?

they came out with the news just now