The bot will not put any buy order before he sell what he has bought

we need more volume

why no buyer in omg on binance

Still waiting for $.85. The crypto winter is long

Mack Doun
why no buyer in omg on binance

Everyone is FOMOing on BTT. they'll.come back once they get burned 😂

someone is buying........

900,000 #OMG (980,994 USD) transferred from #Bitfinex to Unknown walletTx:

Hi,I've been storing omg tokens on myetherwallet.Now I am wondering if a mainnet is planned with a token swap? Or will it remain ERC20 tokens?

It will remain erc20

Thanks for sharing Dave 👍

we need more volume

BTT took al the volume its even more than BTC's volume. Unbeliavable

You know ERC20 token got prospect

Thats how card burn me....back to my OMG. .

Trying to full my bag again

But am really trying to buy much

Omg will go down again or will grow up

it was today.

and now , omg tokens have been transfered to Binance !!!!!!

21000 satoshis.?

I'm out of Omisego Telegram jail by the feds, Dylan 😂!!! Big S/O to Sir-Kao-Pad & C.Hei for briefly speaking with me/listening. Blessing to those 2💪🏾💪🏾... lets see what omg can muster up!

I know that now comes omg Nothing interested. Just waiting to launch the product But don't know when

Good luck to you all

Think about 2018 There is news but the price doesn't rise.

See you in the middle of the year or at the end of the year.

Don't ask how to know. I'm just a person through the way that I hope.

Honestly price doesnt matter if u plan on staking the rewards will determine the value more or less.

Don't expect much.

I thought I was priced out from OMG. It is good to know the market gives you a second chance

Don't believe what I say Look with your own eyes

Wish you good luck

My first omg purchase was 90 cents. I didnt even really know what i was buying ha

This project has real development. But when will it be finished?

Maybe another year i hope ha