Is there an ICO for Omise GO?

Do you know when you will have one?

Dont know yet.

They didnt announce yet

Please welcome t.omise from OmiseGo :)

Ty my friend;)

Not annoinced yet.

It will be announced june 7th.

Glad to be here.

any official date for the ICO?

OmiseGO/OMG crowdfunding begins June 27, 2017 at 11am GMT. Qualified parties may sign up for presale at

is still possible partecipate in the presale with bitcoinsuisse? I can't see if they already sold 4m

what is the benefit for token holder

Registration is closed at Bitcoin Suisse. Does that mean they are sold out? And now we have a 1% chance to get in to the token sale when it starts before it sells out?

There will be an update on monday.

this is official group?

There is slack if you look for. Here is t.omise from OmeisGo.