First time buying

@admin can you clean up this clown show?

Who’s says I haven’t bought more at these prices

That’s cool! I try to DCA more


Anyone else buying at these lows?

I have a diverse portfolio but I figured I should put some pressure on the short sellers.

Yes, you can short OMG on Bitfinex.

You can short any coin that offers margin trading

I believe you can do it on a few other exchanges

I was just curious if anyone was buying these lows because it undercut the previous low in December

PLEASE STOP THESE CHILDISH GAMES! Impersonating other accounts is not cool. OMG Reddit site is clearly more civilised

LTC on the move

Looks like OMG is on the move off the lows

Is the same company as omisego?

Interface is exactly the same.

Can someone please respond to my message above.

Omise is the company. OmiseGo is the token

That’s what is happening now

sorry , u need to tag me so i can clean up the nonsence

sorry , u need to tag me so i can clean up the nonsence

Sorry, it is frustrating that an individual wastes everyone else’s time by impersonating another’s account, in this case mine!

I agree that it’s typical for profit company that cares little about “the movement” by their actions of just forking it and saying thanks for the code

They could have kept it on cosmos and have the stakers fees

You both need to read up a little more on your eth/OMG history

nice 10% from yesterdays low

havent seen it for a while

We were supposed to spoon into cosmos and have a Dex in cosmos as well as plasma , and can still in the future

the DEX functionality in Cosmos won't be ready for a long time

Yeah we skipped it to focus on Plasma instead

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, the vanguard, the forward thinking pioneers who are early adopters of blockchain technology. Yikes, doesn't bode well for our collective future...

You should ask Darth Vader after he's done hitting on the bot.