Ethereum esta muy muy muy fuerte. El precio ha bajado porque todas las alt que venían da mainent Eth para sobrevivir al bear market han tenido q vender su cuota de Eth para pagar los desarrolladores

We’ve launched the OmiseGO Developer Program - our way of engaging early testers and integrators as we roll out products, docs and tooling. Get early access to test our alpha release! To be considered, please complete the form:
On the 14th February 2019, V-Dimension fully goes online. ICEX currency high-multiplier conversions and the Genesis Game officially begin. The client-end PC and App wallets will be available for download. Let’s all get excited for this perfect world of privacy-safety and wealth-freedom.The target for ICEX is to raise 1,150 Bitcoin to ensure at 50 bitcoin guarantee revenue will be distributed in the following 23 weeks to incentivize the ecological development. If the target is not reached, the development team promises to give back all the bitcoin and restart the project.Don't miss out on ICEX, the currency conversion high multiplier!! Project Release
The VDS Full Nodes Have Finished Block Synchronization Here’s How to Calculate the Resonance V-Pool Conversion Ratio Whitepaper has collected 1,150 Bitcoin! 150 Bitcoin rewards are guaranteed for the Genesis Game!!! is VDS Competition for Bitcoin Genesis Game Start

Pero será en la cadena de ethereum

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timizar sus respectivos propósitos. El primer objetivo de GO.Exchange es atraer el volumen a su plataforma y luego integrar las tecnologías emergentes cuando sea el momento adecuado. Queremos cronometrar la introducción de nuevos elementos con cuidado, para que mejoren en lugar de interrumpir la experiencia del usuario.El equipo de OmiseGO es parte de las comunidades OMG y Ethereum, contribuyendo como constructores de la red OMG. Los equipos de allí abajo están trabajando en la red OMG (implementación de DEX + de plasma), eWallet Suite y definiendo sus productos y negocios. Estoy seguro de que has estado siguiendo su progreso a través de su boletín (al cual puedes suscribirte aquí) en el blog , GitHub y el rastreador de la comunidad.Ahora que OmiseGO ha lanzado Ari testnet en Rinkeby en una versión alfa cerrada (colaborando con nuestros amigos en Hoard en la primera implementación de aplicación de plasmaen una red pública de Ethereum), buscaremos aumentar gradualmente el compromiso con desarrolladores, socios y implementadores así como alentar y apoyar iniciativas comunitarias para contribuir a la visión de OMG. Entre otras cosas, ya hemos contribuido a la fundación del Centro Stanford para la Investigación de la Cadena de Bloqueos , que aporta algunas mentes realmente brillantes a algunos de los problemas más desafiantes para promover la tecnología de la cadena de bloques; y grupo de plasma, que se creó para crear estándares y herramientas generales para el desarrollo de plasma que beneficiarán a todo el ecosistema (incluido OMG). También estaremos incrementando los esfuerzos de desarrollo de negocios, tanto para llevar el volumen a la red como para mejorar continuamente nuestra estrategia basada en la información y los comentarios recopilados de los implementadores.En el frente de Omise Payment , la compañía continúa avanzando con sus objetivos comerciales para 2019 y, como siempre, continúa esforzándose por optimizar sus servicios y soluciones para sus clientes. Estamos deseando explorar las formas en que la Red OMG puede ayudarnos a lograr este objetivo a medida que madura.Espero que lo anterior ayude a aclarar algunos puntos y haya servido para proporcionar una actualización donde los detalles de nuestra estrategia han evolucionado a partir de lo que dije anteriormente. La visión de 'Pago para todos' de Omise Holdings y la estrategia de alto nivel siguen siendo las mismas, incluso cuando realizamos ajustes en el camino que nos lleva a esos objetivos.

Ether hizo lo mismo en su epoca

JOSE (@TheHoMeE ) te dimos la oportunidad de redimirte, pero en lugar de agachar la cabeza vuelves a atacar al grupo. Has faltado al respeto de toda una comunidad y ésta ha dictado su sentencia. Si bien antes eras nuestro hermano, ahora te vemos como una persona que intoxica las redes y maltrata a las personas psicológicamente. Con el corazón en un puño te reportamos y deseamos que tanta paz lleves como calma dejas.

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Amazon patented a cryptographic system on the Proof-of-Work mechanism.Amazon Corporation this week received a patent for the use of various methods for creating cryptographic systems based on the Proof-of-Work mechanism, similar to those used in the blockchains of cryptocurrencies.Initially, the application was issued by the company in 2016. It describes the principle of generating the Merlka tree in the process of solving PoW-tasks, which can then be used to verify data transmitted between computers and in peer-to-peer networks to confirm the reliability of the blocks.According to the application, the proposed solution may be useful in preventing DoS and DDoS attacks that computer networks are often subjected to. “Requesting valid evidence of the work done can weaken such attacks since their participants will have to generate correct solutions, which may require computational resources in the attacked systems and significantly reduce the frequency with which individuals participating in such attacks can send requests,” the company writes.The patent mentions the concepts of “cryptographic key” and “digital signature”, but such concepts as, for example, blockchain or cryptocurrency are not disclosed.This week, Amazon Web Services general manager Rahul Pathak commented on the possibility of his company issuing its own cryptocurrency or integration of cryptocurrency payments. “If this is something that matters to our customers, we will find an opportunity to form a fuller point of view,” he said. Of Plasma: The Many Faces Of Ethereum’s Scaling Solution

RECOMMENDED COURSE OF ACTION FOR BINANCE CUSTOMERS FROM USABinance announced on 14.06.2019 that it will launch a U.S.-based service — but, in the meantime, it is implementing restrictions for U.S. passport holders worldwide and those based in the country. Binance stated that USA customers will no longer be able to trade or deposit coins on with effect from 12.09.2019. Since that date is approaching fast and @cryptocoincoach cares about all of its subscribers, we have conducted a deep research to recommend you guys what should be best future course of action when you guys will not have access to some of your favorites coins. Read following solutions carefully :-1. This solution will actually work for 90 percent of traders that comes from USA. Such customers could continue to use the service by browsing the site with a VPN. Binance allows its users to sign up for a limited account without KYC — i.e. providing verification documents like a passport copy — which allows trading but limits withdrawals to two Bitcoin per day. This is the best loophole available for customers who are not whales. Only whales would need to withdraw more than 2 btc a day. So if you have already submitted your Kyc to binance, you can create new account with new email and continue using Binance with VPN. You can get knowledge about vpn through any YouTube video.2. US customers can move their favourite coins from binance to exchanges that will continue to operate in USA. These exchanges are Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, HuobiUS, and eToro. Picture posted below will give you clarity about which coin is listed in which exchange so that you can plan accordingly.3. Binance will not let US customers slip away from its hands and approx. 15 percent of binance volume comes from USA only. So they will most likely start Binance US exchange (exchange specific to US customers) before 12.09.2019 and will start listing coins in binance US starting with high cap coins like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCHABC, BNB etc.Conclusion :- There is no need to Panic. I'll sum up this post by mentioning tweet posted by CZ following this binance US annoucement. This tweet will certainly give you some relaxation. “Some short term pains may be necessary for long term gains. And we always work hard to turn every short term pain into a long term gain.”@Cryptocoincoach #ProfessionalTradingGuide

[ File : Metamask.apk ]Users can now participate in the beta-testing contest. Beta-testing is to help improve app security vulnerability issues.As we really want to compensate you for your work – here is a breakdown of the bounty for being in the Beta test:● You will get $200 for participating and completing the required tests.● If you report a bug that hasn’t been reported before, and it can be confirmed as a bug and can be replicated you will get $1000 additional● If you find an exploit you will be rewarded with $2000! An exploit is considered a deliberate attempt to gain an advantage of the Metamask ecosystem.There will be a list of stuff that you at least need to test to be paid the bounty.•Restore any wallet to test app.• Create account feature temporarily unavailable.•iOS version is being improved and will be available soon for further testing.

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Link, es de etherum o de btc?
Coinbase está ejecutando un lanzamiento aéreo OMG para los titulares de Ethereum - Descifrar