Why Invest in OmiseGo? OmiseGo has released a roadmap for 2017 / 2018 year that shows various features and enhancements that will be to OMG users. In Q4 2017, first wallet SDK prototype will be released for workshop testing and development. This is followed by the release of wallet SDK public release in Q1 2018. After that, public blockchain will be released to the OMG users which will make staking possible. Then in Q3 2018, cash in/out touchpoint interface with payment gateway will be released. Plasma development and introduction are expected to be done in Q3 2018 as well. Hence, 2018 will be the year of OmiseGo. Definitely, OmiseGo is the next cryptocurrency to invest in 2018.
Outside of the fact that Omisego is connected to the Mitsubishi financial group, the progression for exchanges and payment service providers to utilize the network seems logical as it has the low cost incentives built in. Market makers play an important role in any exchange (centralized and decentralized alike) so the fact our network fees will be able to be competitively lower than others makes the Omg exchange network a natural choice for all. Add in the scaling capabilities of plasma (theoretically being able to handle all the worlds transactions) and it kind of becomes a no brainer. The project aims to create a healthy sustainable equilibrium on both sides (network users and token holders/validators ) which is win win for all.
Earlier this month, at TechCrunch:Sessions held in Zug, Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan stated that throughout history, the cryptocurrency sector has undergone the pattern of bubble-crash-build-rally, and corrections have provided developers a period to build sophisticated technologies to support the next wave of adoption. Ethereum and the rest of the cryptocurrency sector has seen this pattern play out over the past 12 months, and the period of ecosystem building in 2018 will have a huge impact in the predicted rally of digital assets over the upcoming two years.